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Metamorphic Technique Links Page

Please enjoy the following links.  They have all been chosen with care and we hope that you will enjoy them and find them useful!

Metamorphic Association The web site of the Metamorphic Association


IPTI (Independent Professional Therapists International)


Elizabeth's Metamorphic Technique Courses have been accredited by IPTI (Independent Professional Therapists International) which means that on completion of the training you can be insured through IPTI as a practitioner.
Miracle Network
A Course in Miracles
World Peace Flame More than ten million people have taken candles lit from the World Peace Flame as a reminder that peace begins with each one of us


Reiki Training Centre Elizabeth Harley The Reiki Training Centre


Angel Courses Angels can assist you with every aspect of your life, from the big life challenges to the small and everyday issues.
They are always within reach, available to everyone regardless of background or beliefs.
However, as we are all subject to free will they can only intervene when we ask.
www.birthworks.org  Dr. Michel Odent's website


www.rosemountcentre.com The Rosemount Centre for complementary Therapies, Aberdeen, UK
www.peaceonearth.org.uk Elizabeth Harley's Peacechain website.
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