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Metamorphic Technique is a unique tool for personal healing and transformation. It involves a light touch along the spinal reflex points on feet, hands and head, corresponding to the time period of our conception, womb time and birth. The technique is gentle and non-invasive. Often babies and animals react with an almost immediate calm and stillness, going into a very deep awareness, as if listening intently to some inner process. It is deeply relaxing and enjoyable to receive. It can be given to children or the elderly, the healthy or infirm, to the newborn or the dying and even to animals. It has been used a great deal in work with physical and mental disabilities, as well as in schools for children with learning difficulties, in hospitals, in prisons, and in helping people overcome addictions, eating disorders and stress-related conditions. It is also used by pregnant women and midwives, as people often report an easier pregnancy and birth. Above all, it is suitable for anyone who wishes to make changes that will enhance their quality of life, to move on from the past and to honour a deeper level of authentic self.

On this course you will receive and also learn how to give a full Metamorphic Technique session. You will also learn about: The practice of  detachment as an active principle, Transformation, The realms of time, space and matter, The prenatal pattern - the evolution of consciousness that parallels our physical development in the womb. The principle of correspondence. Find out how your birth and womb time has affected you. Which is your dominant pattern? Reading patterns in the feet. Regressive patterns. Pre-conception. Working by distance. Working with babies, with pregnant women, with parents, clients and animals.

This course qualifies as part of your practitioner requirements for membership of the Metamorphic Association.

“I left Elizabeth’s Meta workshop with my head spinning and my heart soaring.
It is what I’ve been looking for all my life!”

“The Metamorphic Technique has slowly and quietly gained respect from not only those whose lives have been transformed by it, but by doctors and specialists impressed with the results for conditions ranging from Dyslexia to eating disorders.” Lorna V - Sunday Time, London

“This is one of the little known hands-on therapies that devotees deliberately keep quiet about, not least because skilled practitioners are few and far between and if the secret of how brilliant it is ever got out, none of us would ever get an appointment.
I am happy to spill the beans because it was this technique that dramatically changed my life for the better and set me on the road to improved wellbeing.”
Susan Clark, Sunday Times Magazine, London

“I have had several sessions now, and have started to notice subtle changes: I don't feel guilty about putting myself first, I steer clear of difficult (emotional) situations, I make space for myself and, most of all I've stopped giving myself a hard time.” Jane Alexander, Daily Mail

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